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International Journal of Internet Computing (IJIC)
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The role of Internet in designing the society as per the recent need of 21st century and bridging the communication gap is very much appreciable.  It plays a gigantic role in augmenting the economy development and growth of the national economy in particular and global economy in general. To enrich and widen the horizon of the knowledge, Internet is helping a lot in empowering the human capital for the sustainable scientific development as well as educational development of any nation. As such the Internet plays a crucial role in the ability of humans to communicate but at the same time opens new challenging problems.
As the internet grows beyond technically expert users, the demand for performance, availability, security, reliability and usability grows beyond its technological limits.  The opportunities enabled by new technological advances in devices, place completely new requirements on the evolution of today’s Internet. Future Internet will enable a multitude of new application sectors leading to the development of new markets. Considerable effort has already been devoted to defining options and concepts which could form the basis of future Internet to support a sustainable society. The dimensions of the Internet by and for People, the Internet of Contents, the Internet of Services and the Internet of Things supported by network infrastructure will form the future Internet.
The future Internet should offer all users a secure, efficient, trusted and reliable environment. In turn, this environment, should allow open, dynamic and decentralized access to the network connectivity service and information, as well as being scalable, flexible and adapt its performance to the user needs and context. We firmly believe that an extensive research on future Internet can only be effective if it is followed by a holistic approach where all the components and challenges are addressed in a synchronized way, which needs to address the following high-level main objectives:
  • Accommodate global information exchange of human knowledge throughout the world.
  • Accommodate unanticipated user expectations with its continuous empowerment.
  • To be scalable to provide social, cultural, scientific and technological exchange among different regions, cultures and within single communities.
  • To be ubiquitously accessible, sustainable and open.
  • To be secure, accountable and reliable without impeding user privacy, dignity and self arbitration.
  • To support mobility, have widespread ubiquitous coverage and be capable of assisting society in emergency situations.
  •  To support the innovative business models that are emerging  to allow for more entities to be involved in providing any particular instance of a service.
  • To support means for various performance adaptability features based on context and content.
IJIC takes a coordinated approach towards the future need of Internet research and tries to sort out the technological challenges or shortfalls which are within the domain of this research. To translate these challenges into appropriate opportunities, the continuous and synchronized effort must be undertaken by the research community, which in turn requires a need-based forum of discussion, innovation and symposium.

Topic Coverage

IJIC covers all areas related to Internet computing and their applications. Areas and sub-areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

•Communication Protocols
•Internet of Things
•Cloud Computing
•Soft Computing
•Social Networking
•Software Engineering
•Quantum Computing
Instruction to Authors

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere (N.B. Conference papers may only be submitted if the paper was not originally copyrighted and if it has been completely re-written). All papers are refereed through a double blind review process. A guide for authors, sample copies and other relevant information for submitting papers are available on the  Submission of Papers page.

Note: Authors are required to submit their papers in the MS Word format to the following Email id with a copy to the Editor- in-Chief of the Journal. Please mention the title of the Journal in subject area to which you are submitting your paper.
Mail To : ioaj.publishing@gmail.com

Please include in your submission the title of the Journal

Editors and Members of the Editorial Board


Dr. S. Pattanaik.
Balasore, Orissa, INDIA.

Email To:
Technical Editor(Secretary)

Mr. Anjan Kumar Sahoo,
Department of Computer Science & Engineering ,
IIMT, Bhubaneswar ,
Contact No: 07381067753.
Email: ioaj.publishing@gmail.com

Members of the Editorial Board

Dr. Cristian Ungureanu, NEC-Labs
Dr. Martin Roetteler,   NEC-Labs      
Prof. Prasanta Panigrahi,  IISER Kolkata
Dr. Ashwin Nayak, University of Waterloo
Prof. Pankaj Agarwalla, IOP BBSR
Dr. Arun Kumar Pati, HR Allahabad
Dr. Ravi Kokku, NEC-Labs
Prof. B. N. Jain, IIT, Delhi       
Prof. Swades De, IIT, Delhi       
Prof . Anirudha Sahoo, IIT, Mumbai
Dr. Ashutosh Dutta Niksun, Princeton
Dr. Hrusikesha Mohanty,  Hydrabad
Dr. Aarti Gupta,  NEC-Labs
Dr. Franjo Ivancic, NEC-Labs
Prof. Bud Mishra, NYU  
Prof. Ram Ramaswamy, JNU
Dr. Aparajita Misra, Alacatel-Lucent
Prof. Hemalatha Diwakar, NIBM, Pune
 Dr. Rachita Misra, C. V. Raman College
Dr. T. Soloman Raju,  Karunya University
Prof. Goutam Chakraborty, Iwate Prefectural University, Japan
Dr. Abhirup Chakraborty, IBM, Yorktown Heights
Dr. Debabrata Das, IIIT Bangalore
Dr. Aryabartta Sahu, IIT, Guwahati
Dr. Ferhat Khendek,  Concordia Univ, Canada
Dr. Atef Amin Abdrabou, UAE
Dr. Mahinthan Veluppillai, RIM, Canada
Dr. Ruppa Thulasiram, Univ. of Manitoba, Canada
Dr. Debasish Chakraborty, Tohoku Univ., Japan
Dr. Bhumip Khasnabish, ATIS, USA
Dr. Faheem Ahamed,  UAE University
Prof. Punya Mishra,MSU, USA
Prof. Luiz Capretz, UWO, Canada
Prof. Amiya Nayak,  Univ. of Ottawa, Canada
Prof. Radu Muresan, Univ. of Guelph, Canada
Dr. Biswajit Mishra, EPFL, Switzerland
Dr. Dev Sainani, Saina Group, Canada
Dr. Cezary Dubnicki , 9LivesData, Poland
Dr. Toelg Christian, Polytechnic of Namibia
Prof Rajib Mall, IIT, KGP
Prof Sudip Mishra, IIT, KGP
Prof. Raghuvir Tomar, LNM Institute of IT
Prof. Debabrata Das, IIIT, Bangalore
Dr. Tugay Eyceoz, Cisco Systems
Prof. Sudarshan Padhy, IIIT, BBSR
Dr. Satchidananda Dehuri, F. M. University

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